Harbor House offers the best memory care facilities in the Poulsbo, Wa area for your loved one. Our personal care approach gives our residents the individuality they are looking for.

Since its incorporation, Harbor House Memory Care Facility has championed for the creation of a conducive and nurturing environment for retirees who need special attention and individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The memory care facility has become one of the most sought facilities owing to its ability to provide high-quality services that make residents feel comfortable in a homelike environment rather than a facility. They have integrated health care and high standards of living in the quest to help individuals fulfill their potential. The facility has state-of-art pieces of equipment that are arranged in an intimate setting to allow residents to foster relationships and enjoy the help from caring support staff, medical oversight and engage in planned activities.


What Services Do They Provide?


1. Nursing Services


The facility has onsite nurses who work 24 hours to monitor the well-being of residents both physically and mentally. The nurses also help the residents in taking medications prescribed by physicians. They also arrange for transportation of resident to scheduled medical appointments


2. Caregivers


Every house in the facility has a caregiver who is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all resident are safe and catered for. The caregivers provide daily assistant in bathing, grooming and dressing.


3. Dining Experience


The facility provides residents with meals that are perfectly suited for their conditions. The meals are served in family style dining areas thus allowing individuals to enjoy social time in the dining room. Three meals and snacks are served daily. Sometimes the residents may be called upon to help in preparing meals thus helping them experience their past life roles. The facility calls on a monthly dietician to ensure that every person diet needs are met. They also provide therapeutic diets to individuals with special needs.


4. Recreational Activities


To meet individual physical, intellectual and creative needs, activity coordinators who offer diverse programs and allow residents to participate in wide range of both internal and external community events. The facility is erected on a secure outdoor area thus providing a safe recreational option. All the activities are designed to promote a sense of accomplishment and foster the feeling of being self-active.


5. Laundry and housekeeping


Sanitation and cleanliness are vital for a healthy and worthwhile living. Harbor House, prides itself with their team of staff who work relentlessly to ensure that resident rooms remain exemplary clean at all times. They ensure that linens and laundries are maintained to the highest standards as part of their commitment to providing a comfortable and charming environment.


6. Personal grooming


The facility has a barber, a beauty salon and manicure services to ensure that all residents remain attractive and beautiful.


7. Privacy


The community has fully furnished private and semi-private rooms that have caring staffs that are dedicated to enhancing dignity, independence and confidentiality of all the residents.


I f you are concerned about your loved ones physical, social, mental and spiritual needs, don’t hesitate, take them to Harbor House Memory Care Facility and help revamp their expectation, memory and dignity. The competent staffs in the facility will not only care for your loved ones but also strive to ensure that they are emotionally apt to fight and cope with life adversities.



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Chiropractor Omaha

Chiropractor Omaha

Do you really desire a chiropractor in Omaha?




Our lives have turn into so busy and 


hectic that we barely have time 


to stop and even breathe, let alone 


a deep one. Actually when plagued with back 


again or muscle pain, we do not tend to give 


much importance to it. This kind of is 


because we feel that it would get better with a little 


bit of time and rest. However it is certainly not always true that back pain 


Omaha would just go at a moment’s notice. Within a 


lot of cases, that might really be a little bit more 


serious than that. So instead of sitting and 


performing nothing about it, you can think about the option of 


consulting a chiropractor Omaha.









Even though majority of individuals do not know regarding chiropractic 


practice, it offers been in the 


therapeutic industry for quite 


a while. In addition, those persons who may 


have by no means experienced visiting 


a chiropractor have 


no idea what they are missing out on. 


So some of the benefits that you will 


be able to appreciate from visiting a 


chiropractor Omaha are as follows:





Fewer flu’s and colds




Even although you 


could be slightly 


baffled about how exactly 


colds and flu’s are related with chiropractic care, there is 


in fact a link together. This 


is because by going to a 


chiropractor in frequent terms, you are able 


to make the immune system stronger. 


Because of this, you are less 


prone to catching colds and flu’s. Additionally , you will also be able to 


experience a greater sum of competence regarding the functioning of immune 







Better sleep being 







In our everyday dwells, 


we are having to handle a regular amount of stress. It truly is such a 


nagging feeling that this is almost like the 


shadow. No matter how much you make an effort to 


eliminate it, it follows you wherever you go. Consequently, majority of the persons 


appear to suffer from sleeping 


disorders. But a chiropractor Omaha can help you to fix 


this problem. With the help of chiropractic care, you 


will certainly be able to decrease the 


amount of anxiety and stress 


that you are at present experiencing. Additionally , it can certainly also 


help in cutting down spine and back 


suffering if it is triggering 


problems to your sleeping. Consequently, not only can you be able to improve and more 


tranquil sleep, however you 


will likewise wake up in the morning feeling 







Encountering less amount of discomfort




The main function of a chiropractor 


Omaha is to help you remove the 


soreness and discomfort that you’re encountering in several parts of your body. They 


tend to utilize a wide variety of techniques which would 


be best suited for you personally. After a couple of 


sessions, you will find that 


the pain features been 


drastically reduced, if not eliminated. This is definitely 


because chiropractors tend to give attention to 


specific parts of the body in buy to achieve the 


many effective outcomes. In addition, they 


would also be capable to 


reduce the likelihood of this pain springing in the future.



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